People Are The Best Thing That Can Happen to Anyone

We are dreamers and optimists

Everything we do is motivated by our will to make the world a friendlier place, and to serve fine authentic Neapolitan pizza. We make a continued commitment to incorporating high quality non-GMO fresh and all natural ingredients, and strive to provide organic products. We respect and value people, food, our planet, Mother Nature, Neapolitan tradition, and we hope to spread those values with every Neapolitan pizza we serve.
All our products are non-GMO.

We honor tradition, art and food


The heart is the core of MidiCi

The heart is the central structure that houses our ovens, kitchen and bar. It was designed with a heart in mind because it feeds the space and holds all the vital functions. As the place of emotions, it takes center stage and is remarkable from every seat. It brings friends together.


Our ovens

Neapolitan pizza is art. So are the ovens that bake it.
The wood-fired oven is a key element in the baking of Neapolitan Pizza. The moisture and aroma of the wood allows the crust to maintain its internal softness, as well as ensuring large bubbles inside the dough, and the typical aroma of cooked bread. All of these are hallmarks of true Neapolitan Pizza.
Our two ovens were handbuilt by a third-generation family company in Naples. Each oven complied to the most detailed constructive rules and lengthy process. Our ovens are unique because they’re made exclusively by hand, from raw materials like sand and stone harvested in Naples. They even weigh differently – our right oven weighs 8020 pounds, and our left oven weighs 7200 pounds. They both burn at the dome at about 1000º Fahrenheit, the temperature needed to bake Neapolitan Pizza to perfection in just 90 seconds.


Our olive tree

The olive tree is a universal emblem of the Mediterranean culture, and it is also regarded as a symbol of tradition and a witness of eras gone by. It is a bearer of long forgotten times and legacies. At MidiCi, we value tradition and cherish the stories behind them. Our tree is a 50 year-old Olea Europaea who is here to take in new times and new stories – your friendships.
Looking at an olive tree gives a feeling of serenity, peace and tranquility, which provides a great sense of escape from the humdrum, and makes us more in tune with our surroundings and the people around us. Naturally, it brings friends together.
And olive oil is one of the only 5 ingredients used in true Neapolitan Pizza. Our olive oil is organic, non-gmo, all natural, extra virgin, cold pressed and imported from Italy. Buon appetito!


The Vittoria. Our slicer.

The flywheel manual prosciutto slicer is what we call functional art. It is a sculptural beauty hand-built in Italy by expert craftsmen working from vintage molds and designs, which maintains the high quality of traditional meat slicers made in the early 1900’s.
Its internal mechanism contains an intricate series of tiny components working together to move the slicer, whose performance and accuracy can only be matched by those of a Swiss mechanical watch. It has no buttons, no electric cords. It is authentically manual.


The Athena. Our espresso machine.

The ancient art of coffee lives in the Athena, the only espresso machine that lets you hear each drop of espresso drip in the cup. Designed and hand-built by expert craftsmen in Italy since the end of World WarII, the Athena is crafted with materials that make it particularly exquisite. The bodywork, completely hammered by hand, is an expression of uniqueness and tradition that is reflected in the final cup, a perfect espresso – just the way it is served in Naples, Italy. Only a few exist in the US.
Enjoy the marvel!


Leo Leo Gelato

Leo Leo Gelato artisan offerings honor northern Italian tradition, and are handcrafted in small batches using only premium natural ingredients and flavors. Leo Leo Gelato uses local farmer’s best produce, gorgeous nut purées, and mascarpone from Italy, and California caramel and honey that boost the gelato’s uniquely velvety texture and intense flavor. No artificial stabilizers, preservatives, flavors, or colors are added. We use pure cane sugars and naturally processed vanilla purée, seasonally fresh fruit, and hormone free milk. In addition to our dairy-based gelato, flavor choices that are gluten-free, dairy-free (sorbetto), sugar-free, or vegan are available.


Liquid Metal

We like to bring beauty into the mundane, so we applied liquid metal to the heart of MidiCi, the condiment station and the bathroom walls.
Liquid metal application is a cold metal technique developed in England, using a specially formulated resin along with powder metals such as bronze, brass, silver and gold. This process allowed us to create by hand a real, polished metal finish that infuses our aesthetic ideals into things you might not have expected, creating what we like to call “functional art”. By being both practical and creatively conceived, these objects dissolve the boundaries between fine art and design. Enjoy the experience!



Our floor is made from microcement, a special cement-based technique of 1 to 3mm thick, whose origin dates back to the Roman Empire. Because applied by hand with a trowel, the crafty character of this application process means that every microcement flooring is unique to its kind.